Business Blurb

Business Blurb

Meet Ilan Orgel, a young entrepreneur studying at Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Orgel is the driven founder behind successful streetwear business: Fusion100. His business is a lifestyle clothing brand that was founded in July of 2019. We decided to dive deeper inside the mind of this successful young entrepreneur.

Ilan started his entrepreneurship journey by selling shoes in middle school. He would frequently attend sneaker conventions and stay outside of stores overnight to get his hands on the latest shoes that he could sell to make profit.

After losing interest in shoes, Ilan turned to the streetwear industry. Fusion100 was born in the summer of 2019 when Orgel wanted to start a clothing brand. Being an entrepreneur while attending school full time is definitely a challenging task. Orgel managed to figure out how to balance building a successful brand while keeping his grades up in school. Fusion100’s mission is “to inspire people to become the best version of themselves.” He told us that the key driving forces to become an entrepreneur was having a passion, working hard, and having the right resources. Ilan spends hours every day working to build his business up to compete with big brands he looks up to such as Palace, Nike, and Riot Society. 

We asked Ilan how he built a successful customer base. He told us that “We offer a free newsletter, send out mass emails to previous customers, and make sure to take our customers’ feedback seriously.” Orgel and his team behind Fusion100 truly care about the input their customers have and are always open to ideas and suggestions. Being a business owner myself, I can vouch for the importance of understanding your customer and being open-minded to feedback.

Curious to learn more about Ilan and his business? Check out their online store and follow them on Instagram!

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